Welcome to the home of the hottest professional beats on the Internet composed by Matthew James Ward. Here you will find a large catalogue of unique instrumentals that can be used in any genres. Whether your a rapper, singer, film maker or if your in the media industry you'll find that perfect track you've been searching for to use in your project. Turn your speakers up and lets create something amazing


About Mjw Records

Mjw records comes from the name Matthew James Ward.

Matt Ward first started to create MJW RECORDS in early 2008.

Matthew Has been composing music over a number of years and now has produced over 280 tracks. Matthew makes instrumentals that can be used in a number of genres and styles, But his main passion is producing beats for Hip Hop / Rap & R&b.


If you take the time to look throught the site you will see that Matt Ward also makes the occasional beat with a hook which are all royalty free. Sometimes Mattthew even records instrumentals with hooks using his own lyrics and vocals. Any beat that has been purchased with the full rights will also own any lyrics that was writen with the instrumental recorded by Matthew Ward using his own lyrics and vocals. Any other vocal hook you may find on a beat composed by Matthew Ward will be royalty free and may have been used on many other beats on the internet. I do not own any rights to the royalty free hooks.

Welcome to the Beats Store


Here you will find all my beats for sale/lease in one beat store.

Using this beat store gives you the ability to make multiple purchases and also get discounts on buying multiple beats at once. All sales are PayPal secure and are instant delivery after payment is made. Hit the Package Deals Button on the player below to see how you can save by purchasing multiple beats.


If your using a Mobile or Tablet to display this page, Please allow a few seconds for the songs to start after pressing play. Their is sometimes a delay with the player if your hearing no sound.

  • Non Exclusive Beats

    With Non Exclusive rights you will be able to use the beat for any profitable commercial recording or broadcasting purpose.

    However the CD sales are limited to 500 copies. After 500 copies you will have to contact the seller to discus a royalty contract, which is usually between 5%-7% of the records royalties.

    The producer or record label will still own ALL copyrights to the song. Usually the buyer will receive the WAV or MP3 file via either email or a secure download link.

  • Exclusive Beats

    With exclusive rights you will be able to use the beat for all profitable commercial recordings or broadcasting purposes. Exclusive rights usually involves a production agreement made between the Producer or the Record Label and the buyer.

    Once exclusive rights are sold the beat is no longer available and will not be able to be re-sold, if the producer or record label do re sell the beat the buyer will be able to prosecute the sellers.

  • tagged beats remain the property of Mjw Records.

    All tagged beats can be used as a mix tape for youtube and soundcloud and social media. however any track you make using one of mjw records tagged beats can not be sold with your vocals as a full recorded track, unless you buy a lease for that track and obtain a licence to legally sell any music containing beats by mjw records.


Here you will find a selection of beats created by Mjw Records that can be downloaded as a full mix-tape. All the instrumentals featured on this mix tape are available to purchase without the vocal tags by heading up to the beat store. more mix-tapes by Mjw Records are also available directly here from the Datpiff website. All tagged beats / instrumentals remain the property of Matthew James Ward (Mjw Records) and can only be used as a non profit project. if you wish to record on my tracks and sell them as part of your album or single, then you must purchase a leasing license by heading to the beat store and purchasing the tracks you wish to use to make money on your own recordings. Please note that beats can not be sold on by yourself, unless you own the full rights to the beat its self and not just a slandered lease for the beat in question. if you want to own the full rights to any track, then please contact me using the form below.




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